Wepall, has recently become a member of the IFR (International Federation of Robotics).

The International Robotics Federation is the voice of the global robotics industry. Its aim is to promote the positive benefits of robots for productivity, competitiveness, economic growth and quality of work and life, and to support its members by providing the “voice of the IFR” on current issues raised by its members, which recently included the robotic palletising software company, Wepall, which will participate alongside the world’s leading robotics companies in decision-making to set global strategy.

The general purpose of the IFR is to promote research, development, use and international cooperation in the entire field of robotics, to act as a focal point for organizations and government representatives in activities related to robotics. The IFR was established in 1987 as a non-profit professional organization by robotics organizations from more than 15 countries.
To date, the IFR has about 60 member organizations, including almost all major robot manufacturers, as well as component suppliers, integrators, national robotics industry associations and researchers.

Procesos de paletizado sin necesidad de programar.