The best way to palletize.
No programming required.

Discover how Wepall will revolutionize the industry through 4 key elements to improve your business.

Node Editor

No need to know how to program.

Defines the products, whether bags or boxes, with size and weight; the various pick-up stations or separators.
Select robot and hands or palletizing tools.
Configures the palletizing station and the different types of pallets.

Layout Editor

Generates mosaics based on product and pallet properties.

Sort products on the pallet to make the most of the available space.
Creates successive layers of products according to their characteristics.

Pool Editor

Define points, movements and more.

View the final result of the palletizing process.
Check, thanks to the advanced physics of this simulation, the stability of the defined mosaic.
At any time, you can go back to redefine and complete the pallet according to your needs.


Generate native code for any robot.

With just one click you can generate hundreds of lines of native code for any robot, according to the specifications defined in the previous steps.
This code is editable and adaptable to successive changes or particularities of the line.

All you need.

Simple and Easy

It allows to configure a palletizing cell without knowing robotics programming. Thanks to an appealing and easy-to-use interface that simplifies the tasks of the integrator and the end user.


It is compatible with the major brands of robots and the programs are generated identically, regardless the brand, country or language of the user.


It provides total autonomy to the integrators, since they will not rely upon robotics programmers, and to the end users, since they will be able to generate or modify formats by themselves.


The time to go into production is greatly reduced, the equipment achieve higher productions and the integration costs decrease.


The programs generated are structured identically and are optimized, the movements of the robot are more precise and the typical human errors from conventional programming are avoided.


The programs are generated in the language of each robot and they can be edited by a programmer. They are stored in the cloud and they are usable with any PLC or industrial PC.

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