Why Wepall?

Currently, the implementation of robotic palletizing systems requires the intervention of highly qualified expert programmers.
This affects high costs and total dependence on the integrator for future modifications.
Wepall is an alternative that, in a simple way, eliminates that dependence and drastically reduces costs.


Because of our experience

Wepall is the result of more than 20 years integrating robotic palletising equipment and more than 500 lines assembled around the world.

Currently we develop our activity from our facilities in Spain and Hong Kong (HKSTP).


For its ease of use

With Wepall, today it is possible to assemble and run a robotic palletizer without having programming knowledge of any robot brand.

The line will be configured by an application that guides the user through the entire procedure.


Because of its speed
and efficiency

Wepall allows you to shorten the asseambly period, so your production line will be operative sooner and you will save assembly costs due to this shortening.

Wepall will generate the program that will operate the system optimally, always using the shortest trajectories, so as to increase the production capacity of the line.


Because of our
After sales service

We have a team of engineers who are experts in repairing and assembling peripherals, with personalized customer service.

Whatever happens, we'll always be by your side.

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