Wepall 會參與创业影响峰会香港节 2020

Next week, July 7 & 8, 2020, Wepall will be part of the virtual event organized by W-Hub and the StartmeupHK, which is an iniciative of InvestHK, StartUp Impact Summit, in order to keep the Hong Kong startup community connected and offering resources that support their entrepreneurial journey, including details of potential investors, incubation and acceleration programmes, government funding schemes.

Wepall 将于下星期 (2020年7月7及8日) 参与由 W-Hub 和StartmeupHK (由InvestHK创立)主办的网上活动。

StartUp Impact Summit 联系整个初创社群,为他们提供创业所需的资源,包括投资者信息、培训计划、政府支助计划等。

请浏览 https://www.whub.io/startup-impact-summit/2020 了解更多活动信息。